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December 12, 2018

School play for our younger friends

School play for our younger friends

Six-graders prepared a simple performance for kids from the kindergarten. "In the morning" shows a usual morning. Funny, light and interesting... Both the students and the children enjoyed it and learnt something new.

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December 05, 2018

International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! in Poznań.

International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! in Poznań.

 "We are fascinated by the cinema addressed to children and youth. Good cinema. Open to various ways of perceiving the world and fluent with many languages of the film. Happy to present premieres, at the same time we nostalgically recall classic and forgotten images. We award both renowned productions and films just entering the screens. We invite the doyens of the cinema and debutants alike, but most of all – we invite viewers".

That's what they say, and that's true. We really enjoy going there! We took part in 36th Film Festival this year. It's really worth taking part in it!

FIND OUT MORE:  https://alekino.com/kalendarium/?days=05.12.2018&years=
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November 07, 2018

5th – 13th October 2018

Austrian Participants: Karina Wolfger, Nina Pausch, Kilian Zefferer, Theresa Rössler, Lisa Resnicek, Angelina Bischof, Mag. Silke Felfer, Mag. Bernd Fiechtl 

Our trip started in Judenburg at five o’clock in the morning. We were all very tired but also excited. By bus we drove to Vienna. Everyone was really looking forward to Poland. When we were near to Vienna suddenly Lisa screamed that she had forgotten her passport. Now everyone was getting nervous. We didn’t know if she could fly to Poland with us without a passport, but Mr. Fiechtl tried his best. Luckily, she could fly without a passport because we had a copy of it.
Boarding time. We got our tickets and we took a seat in the plane. We flew about one hour, so not very long. From the sky we were able to see Poland and it was amazing. We talked about the amazing and great time we would have in Poland, but no one expected that the time would be so great. While we were talking and laughing the time was flying by and now we landed. Very smooth landing.
Here we are. Warsaw. One of the biggest cities we have been seen in our lifetimes. Everyone starts to smile. We took a walk to our hotel. Sadly, with our luggage which was very heavy. Arrived at the hotel we were really surprised from the hotel because it was incredible like Warsaw.
Tired and hungry we searched for something to eat. And we found something… The fast food-heaven. Every 10 meters was another fast food shop. McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway, etc… . The best start of a trip ever and sadly the end of the first day.

Our adventure started on Saturday, the 6th of October 2018, at nine in the morning. With breakfast! After the delicious meal, we enjoyed our perfectly organised trip through Warsaw. We saw the beautiful shopping mall, the museum of Polish jews and a lot of nice restaurants (like MacDonald’s).

On the next day we had a very interesting (and healthy) city tour. Warsaw is a really nice and pretty city and the Polish people were very friendly, so we kept everything we had taken with us.
In the evening of Sunday, the 7th we got picked up by the Danish delegation and we went by bus to Konin to our host families. After the big party in the little bus we arrived at the wonderful city Konin together with our teachers. Everyone was really happy to see friends from different countries and we had also enjoyed the short time together in the bus, before the exhausting week started.   

Our official Erasmus+ week started on Monday, 8th October 2018. After the first night with the family, we met at 8:30 a.m. on Monday at school. We played games to get to know each other at the beginning of the day. We played ice-breaker activities where we made a lot of new friends and after some time we remembered all the names of the classmates. After that, we split into 2 groups and visited the Polish school. We saw the younger students in the music hall singing a Polish song to us as well. Then we were in the science room and in the gym. Then we visited other classrooms and finally we went to the secretary's office, where we also welcomed the headmaster. After the visit of the school, we went back into our room and there we played more ice-breaking games with a big colorful cloth and we also sang a Polish song and danced to it. After that, there was the logo competition. All the logos were suspended, and we went in groups, and everyone had to write the number that he liked best on a piece of paper. Later, the teachers announced the result and one of the Austrian group, Wolfger Karina, won the contest. At 12 o'clock we went for lunch and then we took the bus to the city, where we had an official reception with the Mayor of Konin. There we all sat down, and we got water and biscuits and a small gift containing a pen, a small book, a magnet and a key fob. This gift has been given to every student. The rest of the day we had free time and I think that the first day was very exciting and funny!

On Tuesday the 9th October we started our day at 9 o’clock. First, we had an interesting workshop with M. Baranowski, who is a professional cameraman, editor and designer for TVN (a polish TV channel). He showed us in an interesting way how we can create perfect films on our own. We learned, that you must only know a few important things and don’t need a perfect camera for a perfect film. After that we were able to try this and made our own short films.
After lunch M. Baranowski filmed our amazing lipdub. The lipdub was a mix of six different songs and we had to perform, dance and move our lips to this, but the funniest thing was that a huge number of Polish students and especially all the teachers dressed up for this video. So, at the end of the week, we watched the result of this amazing day and couldn’t stop laughing about all the curious costumes and the small mistakes that happened to us.

On Wednesday our Polish partners had prepared an urban game in the city centre. We walked around in the city and had to solve different challenges. This way we got to know our exchange students and also the city. We spent our afternoon with our family, who carried out different activities. 

On Thursday we went to one of the most famous cities in Poland called Łodz (pronounced like “WUTSCH”). Łodz has about 700 000 inhabitants, is located in the middle of Poland and has an area about 296 000 km². Our first stop on this special day was 20 kilometres before the city Łodz, there we watched a recreated wall of the 20th century especially from the 2nd World War. The city is famous for its textile industry, and because of that our next stop was in the near of a factory quarter, we went there for about 10 minutes. Our travel guide, who was born in the near of Łodz told us the history about this “special” city, therefore we took a walk about the factory and watched the incredible building.
After exploring the city, we went to a theatre, where Witkor, one of the Polish friends, had to act with another actor on the stage. Further we had to play games relating to acting – you had to trust everybody, because to trust is one of the most important aspect to be prepared for a stage.  
After a while walking in the city, we came to a big place, who had been the centre of another factory a few decades ago. There were shops, cafés, restaurants and also the laser house, where we entered for the last hours of our journey in unforgettable Łodz. The game took about half an hour for one group, then the second group of our Erasmus+ Project had their turn. 

On Friday, the 12th of October, we met at school in Konin at ten o’clock. The Polish students and their exchange students from Denmark, Spain and Austria played games called “How well do we know each other”. This included a funny game in where we had to clap the hand of our neighbours and take our clothes off.
Our next stop was the Niagara hotel, where everyone – even some teachers – bowled. After that we had a break for about one and a half hours for having lunch and changing our clothes. The next item on the agenda was the “farewell party” which started at four o’clock p.m. and lasted until half past six p.m. Everyone liked the music and – of course – the delicious food. The special Erasmus cake was the highlight at the good buffet.
In the evening at seven o’clock we went into the “Escape Room” in Konin, which was a very scary, but an interesting experience. A few minutes after we had finished the “Escape Room” all students from Denmark, Spain, Poland and Austria met again. At the end of this amazing day we played the clap game again and laughed a lot. After we had taken a few pictures it was time to say goodbye to the Danish students because they had to leave at seven o’clock in the morning on the next day. 

Today was the last day of our amazing trip. We all had made good friends with everyone. It was so sad. We woke up got a breakfast and enjoyed the last hours with our host families. Then we went to a supermarket where we met the Spanish group and some of the Polish people for the last time. Everyone was crying. You could see the tears and the sadness in everyone’s eyes. We hugged each other for like half an hour. Most of the people cried. Than we were going back to Warsaw by bus. Everything you were able to hear in the bus was silence. However, just for the first fifteen minutes, after this time we had a lot of fun again. Maybe this were the fastest nine days ever.
As soon as we arrived at the airport we checked in. After check in we had to wait. We enjoyed the last few minutes at the airport before we got onboard. Again, we took a seat in the plane. After one hour of flying we were all happy to be in Austria again and now we were all really looking forward to meet our families.
Erasmus was an amazing project which no one of us will never forget in his or her life. We learned about new cultures a little bit of new languages and we made new friend (you can almost say families).
Big thanks to our school and the EU but especially Mr. Fiechtl and Mrs. Felfer for this incredible trip.

Text written by Karina Wolfger, Nina Pausch, Kilian Zefferer, Theresa Rössler, Lisa Resnicek, Angelina Bischof


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October 12, 2018

Dissemination POLAND - a documentary on local TV

Dissemination POLAND - a documentary on local TV

Our project is very well regarded by many people who sometimes are not even connected with our school directly.

Here you can see a short documentary made by Konin's local TV:

A summary of Erasmus+ week in Konin, Poland.
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October 09, 2018

Workshops with Michal Baranowski

Workshops with Michal Baranowski

We had a great chance to meet and learn from Michał Baranowski. He has worked for film industry for a couple of years now. He cooperates with Polish TV stations creating e.g. documentaries and ads. He is very good at working with children and teenagers and teaching them how to make really good films. During workshops we learnt what is important when making a film and we also put this knowledge into practice.

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