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June 02, 2018

A family picnic with Erasmus+

A family picnic with Erasmus+

Some days ago there was organized a family picnic in our school. We planned a lot of activities for whole family. It was an outdoor event. Our Polish Erasmus+ Team prepared special tasks . Guests could get know more information about the project. Our girls prepared some quizzes and board games dedicated to film, drama and the knowledge  about our European partners. We had really a lot of fun. 

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March 19, 2018

Austria - Report 1st Students' Exchange in Gandìa 2nd - 10th March 2018

 Austria - Report 1st Students' Exchange in Gandìa  2nd - 10th March 2018


Day 1: [Friday]

On Friday we met at 3:30 a.m and we went by bus to Graz Airport. There we checked in, got on our plane and went to Frankfurt Airport. There had a stop over and finally we got our connection to Valencia. When we arrived there we took the subway to get to our hotel. It was a very good one and after bringing the suitcases to the rooms, we went into the city to see the city centre and we also had dinner in a Valencian restaurant.

Day 2: [Saturday]
On Saturday we had breakfast in an little café called “Panaria”. After that we went to the big market hall in valencia. There we saw dead rabbits, cats and other animals. There we bought a “Mango Fanta” and we ate a typical Spanish snack. After this we took the metro to visit the “City of ArtS and Sciences”. This is a vast complex with many modern buildings of a famous Valencian architect. There is also  “Oceanographic” an aquarium and aqua park, which we also visited. We saw sharks, belugas, barracudas and many other sea animals, fish and birds.

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